Indoor Cycling Marathon

Postponed - new date coming soon!

9:00 - 14:00

at ISP ~ Landau Theater

Event Information

- 4 sessions, each will be 50 minutes, lead by professional certified cycling instructors.


- Program overview. Each instructor will lead you on an exciting ride through the use of music, various speeds, tension and positions on the bike. From the beginner to the advanced rider, everyone will be challenged and enjoy the sessions. All sessions will be conducted in English.

- Indoor Bikes. Low impact, cardio-kicking indoor cycling bikes will be available for participants. You choose your bike position within the theater.

- Individual or Teams. Ride all 4 hours or form a team. 1 to 4 participants per bike. Friends, families or work colleagues. Children over 150 cm can participate! Only 1 participant per bike per session, no switching riders during the 1 hour session.


- Your ride. It is up to you. Control your own level of intensity through out the session. Spinning is an excellent form of exercise focusing on cardio-vascular endurance and strength, while clearing the mind of daily clutter. Besides it is fun to ride in a group!

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Meet Your Instructors


Sheridan Barnett

Sheridan Barnett is a Spinning® qualified instructor, A.C.E Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. Sheridan started teaching indoor cycling in Singapore and then Switzerland, before moving to Prague in 2013. Sheridan is passionate about indoor cycling as it provides a fun, supportive and challenging environment to push people beyond their physical and personal limits.


Jirka Zeman

Jirka Zeman is a Gold Schwinn instructor and music maker. He started with Schwinn about 10 years ago just by chance when he wanted to lose some weight and fell in love with indoor cycling so much he became an instructor. Currently his main focus is teaching how to mix music.  His motto is "Schwinn cycling is like a melody you hear for the first time and you fall in love forever".


Eva Vassalli

Schwinn Master Instructor

In 1998, Eva began to work as an aerobics instructor while participating in sport gymnastics, swimming and sport cynology.  Eva achieved Schwinn Master Instructor level in 2009. Currently, Eva lives in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Eva participated in many international Schwinn cycling events throughout Europe and is looking forward to returning to her home country and join the Spin4Kids team.

Jana Tsang.jpg

Jana Tsang

Schwinn Gold Instructor

Jana Tsang, co-founder of Spin4Kids, has been a Schwinn cycling instructor since 2006. Indoor and outdoor cycling is her passion. For the past six years, she’s been training Schwinn cycling at the International School of Prague. Indoor cycling is Jana's life and she is very grateful to be able to share this amazing way of keeping fit and active with many people. For Jana, every class is an opportunity to create a special connection between people.  In 2017, she became a Schwinn Gold Level instructor and the Schwinn cycling coordinator for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Spinning® Instructor
Schwinn Gold Instructor